The Wind is a family owned and operated business, built from the ground up with the vision of providing a wonderful guest experience in a modern and tropical atmosphere. We do this by continually asking “How will this feel? What will my experience be like?” during all stages of design, decoration, and most importantly, operation. Next, we attract a group of like-minded employees who genuinely enjoy providing this guest experience as much as we do.

Meet the creators:

My name is Jay, and I’m lucky enough to be involved in work that I’m passionate about. I’m driven to create spaces and experiences that are peaceful, relaxing, and friendly, which is our goal here at The Wind.


My name is Thong, I love meeting new people and ensuring they have a pleasant time while staying with us at The Wind. It’s my goal to ensure you have what you need, so if there’s anything you feel is missing, please let me know.

My name is Noon, and I enjoy thinking of how the customer will feel during each part of their stay (such as when they enter reception, see breakfast, or sit by the pool), and then influencing that feeling for our guests. I also help Jay in his work through the design and setup of the properties and their operation.

It’s our only hope that you enjoy your time here as much as we’ve enjoyed building it, and during your stay if there’s anything at all we can do to accommodate you further, it would be our pleasure to hear what that might be.

Please find some of the small details we’ve tried to take care of “behind the scenes”:

  • Environmentally friendly solar hot water: (Not to worry though, if the supply of solar hot water runs out due to extremely high water usage, electrical heaters kick in to take over, however this is rarely needed).
  • Central hot water to all taps.
  • Grounded (3-wire) plugins throughout.
  • GFCI / RCBO / RCD ground fault (shock protection) to all electrical circuits in the property.
  • 12-volt stepped down power around the pool.
  • Electrical plug points located every 6-feet along every wall (in Asia, it’s otherwise common to find only 1 or 2 power points in each room).
  • Wired internet network together with wireless.
  • Gigabit network speed (for those wishing to setup an internal network within their own unit)
  • Each unit contains 2x network points, one at the desk another at the TV (allowing flexibility for subscription to digital TV services).
  • As much storage as we could build-in to each unit – we understand you have stuff which needs to be stored.
  • Built-in furniture by VinhMy company in HCM – HCM’s most expensive and highest quality built-in furniture maker.
  • Premium glass shower stalls & fittings.
  • Soft-close stoppers on all drawers, cupboards, etc.
  • Power points on all large balconies, beside every bed, at every desk, and in every kitchen.
  • A mixture of soft and bright lighting in each unit.
  • Skinny drawers under each desk, so as not to interrupt pulling a chair under them.
  • Hot and cold water pressurization systems, providing a strong shower in any room.
  • Secondary light above washroom mirrors, to brighten the face and make shaving/makeup/etc easier.
  • Various signs and safety warnings throughout.
  • Automated online booking system – ensures bookings from online are securely added to the front desk reservation system (many hotels do Not employ these costly systems, at the customers risk of lost or double-booked reservations).
  • Dual curtains on all windows (both sheer and heavy) for day/night privacy.
  • Comfortable couches (not rock hard as is common in the region).
  • A choice of soft or hard mattress, for long-term clients.
  • Plumbing in-place for a kitchen in every unit, if a long-term client wishes to have a kitchen installed in a unit which does not currently have one.